Where to access PROTAC data?


I’m interested in looking at PROTAC data mentioned in this blog post: The PROTACtable Genome: assessing drug target tractability. When I try to find this data in “Tractability” section, it doesn’t seem to have included PROTAC modality yet, my question is: has this data been integrated into Open Targets platform yet and is “Tractability” section the right place to find it?
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The PROTAC data has not yet been integrated into the Open Targets Platform user interface. However, you can find the tractability pipeline output TSV file — tractability_buckets-2021-06-03.tsv — in our FTP server. Within the file, look for the columns ending with _PROTAC.

For more information on the tractability pipeline, including descriptions of the PROTAC assessments and underlying data supporting the assessment, please visit the pipeline GitHub repo.


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