Are we able to access underlying gitbook?

Dear Team,

I am trying to access the linked gitbook to review more details about tractability, However, it looks the gitbook is not available for me. Do we need any permission to review it?

For a description of each bucket, check the target tractability page.




The link that you are trying to access refers to an older version of our documentation. Please have a look at the current version and let us know if something is unclear:


Hi @Shicheng_Guo!

Can I check where you found the link to the old documentation? We’ll update the links so they point to our new site.

@hcornu This is in the Tractability blogpost that was written in 2020: Prioritising your potential drug targets with tractability assessments

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Hi @Shicheng_Guo — based on the url, it looks like you are trying to access the deprecated documentation. Please use this link, which is available to access without a GitBook login:

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Thanks Helena,

Yes. it is the URL from the a website of OpenTargets. I think some pages are not well updated. Maybe the website team could check the html systemically to remove such deprecated gitbook link.


Hi Shicheng,

I updated the links in the tractability assessment blogpost yesterday, and we had included a disclaimer at the top of the blogpost which reads: “Please note that since the release of the next-generation Open Targets Platform, some of theses features may have changed. Head over to the new Platform documentation to find out more.”

Did you find the link somewhere else? If so, please let me know and I would be happy to update it.

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