Tractability SM bucket (#9 is missing ?)

From the readme (and from the original GSK paper) we ‘should’ have 9 bucket in the small molecule (SM) tracktability table. The table downloaded on the FTP site (tractability_buckets TSV file) does shown only 8 buckets. Question: did the numbering is the same as described in the read me (in the same order ?) i.e. it is the bucket 9 (SureChemBL) that is missing ?
Image from the readme:image
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The Open Targets Tractability project team have made some adjustments and improvements to the original GSK pipeline (Brown, et al 2018). Bucket 9 (SureChEMBL - Targets with ‘chemical’ patents in the last 5 years) has not been implemented in the latest version (v2) of the tractability pipeline.

For a full description of the buckets, please see the Open Targets tractability pipeline v2 documentation.


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