Documentation for reproducing platform target profiles from data downloads?

Hi, first of all thanks for all your work on opentargets, I’m finding it an invaluable resource.

Is there documentation for how the components of the platform target profile pages (e.g. Open Targets Platform) are defined? Some of the modules (e.g. Known Drugs) list their corresponding API queries but others (e.g. Tractability) do not. I’d like to be able to reproduce these profiles locally, starting from the parquet files.

Thanks in advance!

We don’t have documentation that goes into that level of detail. Should you wish to attempt to reconstruct everything starting from the Parquet files, as a rule of thumb, most datasets which relate to Targets will have and field containing ENSG IDs which are used for joins.

The profiles page pulls together many different sources but they are all fed through the API. Using the playground you can consult the ‘docs’ tab to the far right of screen and see which objects are connected to Targets. The example API queries we make available on the website are not exhaustive, just as indicative of what is available and helping people get started.

Using the example of tractability, the following query will return the tractability entries related to BRCA1:

query tractability_example {
    tractability {