Are OpenTargets in collaboration with All of Us?

Dear OpenTargets colleagues,

All of Us finds many millions of new DNA variants as it moves toward 1 million participants from diverse backgrounds:

Will All of Us data on DNA variants be included in the OpenTarget database? Many thanks!

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Hi @QiheXu, and thanks for your question!

We’re currently exploring the best way to integrate the publicly available data.

Is there specific type of data or use case you would find most useful for us to implement?

Dear Helena,

Currently, to get access to All of Us genetics data, one must first ask her/his institution to sign an agreement with All of Us.

If Open Targets signs an agreement with All of Us to link All of Us Genetics data (and other data of course, if possible), it will highly facilitate the wider scientific community to get access to such invaluable information, along with many other sources of information such as the UK Biobank, in an integrative manner. This will make Open Targets an even more powerful platform.

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