Integrate "The Gene Curation Coalition" to OpenTargets platform?

Dear Team,

I am wondering is there any plan to integrate “The Gene Curation Coalition” to OpenTargets platform? The Gene Curation Coalition: A global effort to harmonize gene–disease evidence resources



So far, the strategy has been to integrate some of the resources that contribute to GenCC directly to Open Targets (eg. GEL PanelApp, clingen, orphanet,…). We are already benefiting from the great efforts on information harmonisation from the GenCC (e.g. confidence on the evidence etc.) and we will continue to adopt their guidelines.

At the moment, the OT platform have a higher coverage than GenCC from evidence pulled from the same resources As GenCC improves their phenotype mapping accross resources and numbers start to get comparable, we will most likely pull information directly from the coalition and avoid any duplication of efforts.

We continue reviewing the resources incorporated in GenCC for any other interesting datasets that could be shared with a permissive license. Any recommedations will be welcomed

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