What is the difference between the Open Targets Platform and the Open Targets Genetics Portal?

The Open Targets Platform (platform.opentargets.org) integrates publicly available data to build and score associations between targets and diseases.

Users can search for targets, diseases, and drugs.

The Platform brings together many different data types, including genetic associations, pathways and phenotypes, animal models, and text-mining algorithms. The Genetics Portal is one of the sources from which the Platform pulls in genetic association data.

The Open Targets Genetics Portal (genetics.opentargets.org) complements the Platform. It’s a genetic variant-centric resource, which makes connections between GWAS-associated loci, variants, and likely causal genes.

Users can search for variants, genes, or studies/phenotypes.

The Genetics Portal aggregates human GWAS and functional genomics data (gene expression, protein abundance, chromatin interaction and conformation), and enables users to prioritise causal variants and genes at disease-associated loci.

For more information, take a look at the relevant documentation, or read our latest publications:

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