Which FAERS pharmacovigilance data release is used in the Open Targets Platform?

Please could share more specific information as to which FAERS release has been included for the Open Targets Platform’s Pharmacovigilance data?

I am interested which data (from which starting year and end year) has been included to arrive at the presented “Number of reported Events” figures (see example below). Also, have there been any other specific filters applied (such as age groups, sex or reporting types)? That would be very helpful.

Hi @Scigenis, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

We re-run our pipeline to pull in the latest FDA data for every release. Our latest release was in June 2022, so the pipeline will have pulled in the data that was available at that point.

I should note that we filter the data integrated into the Platform: we limit the results to reports which did not result in patient death, and that were reported by a medical professional.

If you’d like to take a look, the pipeline is available here: GitHub - opentargets/platform-etl-openfda-faers: Open Targets ETL to process OpenFDA FAERS DB

You can also read about how we integrated this data on the Open Targets blog: Implementing an ELT pipeline for FAERS data with Spark and Scala

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