Accessing older versions of score tables in OT Platform

Thank you for you wonderful platform!

When searching for a term at:
E.g, Crohn’s disease. I download the data in .tsv format.

For my current research project I’m going to use multiple terms over a period in time. I’m thinking about how to handle version control between releases. In your Webinar on your homepage they discuss being able to access data scores from older releases. But I can’t find any information on the site how to access this.

Please help me find out how to access older versions of scores.

For my manuscript I would like to be able to write what version was used and also for others to be able to access those versions for reproducibility.

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Hi @Linda_Kvastad, and thank you for joining the Open Targets Community! :tada:

You can access our release archives through the data downloads — archive datasets are available through the FTP.

This will require some knowledge of coding in order to be able to find the scores you are looking for in the files. There are some sample scripts in the documentation and here on the Community that may help. Let us know if you run into issues.

Can I check — which webinar are you referring to?

Best of luck!


Thank you Helena,

I will look into that! Do you know if there are any plans to make it easier to access without higher knowledge in coding? I do think that would be valuable for reproducibility and ease of access for researchers.

It was this webinar: Getting started - Open Targets Platform Documentation

During Q&A about 30 min in.

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Hi @Linda_Kvastad,

After chatting with the team, I have a further comment.

There are two reasons for which the score for a given target-disease association may change between release version: because the evidence supporting the association has changed, or because the scoring system has changed.

You can find the changes to the evidence in the data downloads, but we do not document changes to the scoring system in our release notes, so in order to tell whether the scoring has changed you would need to check the ETL configuration.

In other words: there may not be consistency in the scores across releases.

Let me know if you have further questions!