Our Next-Generation Platform has been released! (21.04)

The release of our next-generation Open Targets Platform is timed with our latest data release, considerably increasing the number of target-disease associations.

We integrate 13,648,521 evidence strings to build 11,986,840 target-disease associations between 14,413 diseases and 29,293 targets from the following 20 public resources:

Key highlights for this release include:

  • The new molecular interactions widget — featuring pairwise interaction data from Reactome, Intact, Signor, and String
  • The inclusion of black box warnings and drug withdrawals through the latest ChEMBL release (ChEMBL 28)
  • A new literature-mining strategy using natural language processing, in collaboration with Europe PMC.

For more details, read our next-generation Platform release blog post.
You can also take a look at the walkthrough on YouTube and the presentation on Slideshare.

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