Comparing targets in the Open Targets Platform

I was going through the 2019 Open Target Nucleic Acids paper (Carvalho-Silva et al.), and I saw mention of the following ‘Similar Target’ tool in Figure 2:

Is this tool still available on the platform? Is there a part of the portal that allows you to compare two targets specifically that I am missing?

This question was sent to the Open Targets helpdesk and has been posted here so answers can benefit the whole Community of users.

Hello, and thank you for your question!

This functionality was deprecated during the rewrite of the Open Targets Platform.

There is nothing exactly similar in the Next-Gen Platform, but you could use the data from STRING in our Molecular Interactions widget to find functionally similar targets, and you can use the Bibliography widget to find similar entities in the literature. You can see examples below of what this looks like for ITGAL.

Molecular interactions widget showing functional interactions from STRING:

Bibliography widget allowing you to search for co-occurrences of selected entities: