Where to find eQTL information regarding a SNP in Open Targets Genetics?

I am looking for the eQTL information of a SNP. To be specific, I searched for rs11983798, and the website showed that it was an eQTL of RINT1. I was looking for more detailed information, such as which tissue this eQTL was identified in, the effect direction (up- or down-regulate the gene expression), and which study or database this eQTL obtained from (to understand the population and sample size)?

However, I could not find any of these results. The document listed the sources of eQTL results, but I could not figure out exactly which one of those my eQTL obtained from. Do I miss anything on the website, or how can I dig deeper in the eQTL results?

This question was sent to the Open Targets helpdesk and has been posted here so that the answer can benefit the whole Community of users.


If you click on the eQTL tab in the Assigned Genes widget for rs11983798 (see screenshot below), you can see that the eQTL was identified in Blood, and this is information we collected from the eQTL Gen consortium.

If you hover over the point, it gives the following information: beta = 0.158; pval = 6.3e-23

I hope this helps!