What do scores represent in downloaded tables of eQTL data for query variants

I have downloaded tables of eQTL data for a number of query variants I am interested in from the Open Targets Genetics portal. However, I am not clear what the numbers/scores in the downloaded table represent. The scores are within the range 0-1 and do not correspond to the Beta/pval values that appear when you hover over the red and blue circles for each dataset on the online interface.

Please can someone help to clarify?

Hi @paditabi and welcome to our Community!

Can you clarify if you are talking about our variant to gene (V2G) dataset? If that is the case, the score you mention refers to the strength of the evidence between the variant and a gene given that eQTL study. In our docs, you can read more about how we score the V2G assessments.

I hope this answers your question.

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