Suggested drug for inclusion

I’d like to suggest 4-(2-Chlorophenyl)-8-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-6-Methylpyrrolo[3,4-E]indole-1,3(2h,6h)-Dione (CHEMBL ID: 11602832) for inclusion. It’s already indirectly cross-referenced to DrugBank (DB07257) as an associated drug for WEE1, but AFAICT it has no explicit representation in OT (maybe I’m not looking in the right place?)

This question was sent to the Open Targets helpdesk and has been posted here so that the answer can benefit the whole Community of users.

You are right, we do not have this compound in our molecule index as it does not appear that CHEMBL11602832 is a valid ID in ChEMBL.

However, according to our records, this compound was listed in ChEMBL under a different ID CHEMBL1230592, which unfortunately was obsoleted from ChEMBL 12 on.

From what I see it seems to be a clinically little documented compound. Do you have any kind of sensible reference we can pass on to our ChEMBL colleagues to discuss its inclusion again?