Has anyone mapped EMBL-EBI Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) or EMBL-EBI ChEMBL to MedDRA?


I am curious if anyone here has mapped EMBL-EBI [Experimental Factor Ontology]to or EMBL-EBI ChEMBL MedDRA?

Reviewing Drugs.indication, they contain the NCT ID, but not the meddra code. I know NCT ID can be mapped to meddra, but curious how others may have approached mapping disease and or indication to MedDRA and why.


Hi @margaret.mcgee!

There is some ongoing work in this space, I believe. Our team generated a list of approximately 10,000 MedDRA to EFO mappings that we believe have a very high level of confidence.

See this ticket for more information: MedDRA to EFO cross-references · Issue #1088 · EBISPOT/efo · GitHub