Suggested for inclusion in the Platform: experimental drug LY3325656

Hi OpenTargets developers.
Thanks for this fantastic platform.

I have come across a gene target that has an experimental drug in a clinical trial. The open targets platform hasn’t captured this in clinical precedence.

The gene is GPR142, the clinical trial nct id is NCT03115099, the experimental drug is LY3325656 and here is a link to an article where the link is described 20-OR: GPR142 Agonists Increase Glucose-Dependent Insulin Secretion and Differentially Regulate Hormone Secretion in Preclinical and Phase 1 Studies | Diabetes | American Diabetes Association.

It would be great to find out if these sorts of links will be captured in future versions of the platform? or is there a way of advanced searching on the current platform to find this link?

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Hi @Anastasia_Pavlovets, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

We have had a couple of similar queries previously: Suggested drug for inclusion, Lack of approved drug indications. It looks like the drug you are referring to is CHEMBL4633161, but it is currently classified as preclinical.

This may help: