PERK gene cannot be identified in OT platform

Dear OT team,

I find PERK gene cannot be recognized by OT platform. PERK is an alias name for EIF2AK3

I am wondering should OT support Aliases of gene symbol?


Hi Shicheng!

The Platform recognises a full range of aliases, and should bring up the correct entity if the user searches for one of its synonyms.

I’m not sure what is going wrong here because I was able to find PERK when I searched for it on the Platform:

And if you check at the top right of an entity’s profile page, you can see the synonyms we have for it:

Has this happened with any other synonyms?


Okay. Open Target Platform works well while Open Target Genetics cannot organize PERK. Thanks Helena for the quick response!! @hcornu

After discussing this internally, I can provide some more details. Indeed, gene aliases are being handled differently in the Platform and the Genetics Portal. There is potentially an intention to rectify/unify this in the future, but at this point we’re not able to confirm when, or if, it will be implemented. I’ll additionally follow up with the Genetics team to see if they would like to add anything

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After discussion it was decided that this issue is similar to this already known one: searching for TNF does not give TNF · Issue #2079 · opentargets/issues · GitHub, and will be solved by the same modifications required to address that one. So for now I’ll mark the question as resolved, and the future updates will be tracked in that GitHub issue