Open Targets licence

Hello OT community team!

I wanted to ask about the licensing terms of individual files that are available for download from the Open Targets (OT) platform. The license states: “… all of our data is publicly available for download and can be used for academic or commercial purposes.”

Just to clarify, does “our data” refer to any specific file or to all files available for download from the platform? I am wondering if there is a need to differentiate between files generated solely by the OT team and files based on third-party data, as different licenses may apply in each case.

For example, concerning the tractability data (which is available for download as part of the target core annotation from downloads page), is it permitted to use it for commercial purposes? Some of the data in that file, such as from PhosphoSitePlus, as far as I know, is not allowed for commercial use without a license.

thank you very much in advance!

Hi @bshashikadze, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :man_dancing:

This is a good question. When sourcing data, we don’t integrate data sources that could have a non-commercial license.

Thanks for bringing Phosphositeplus to our attention — we’re investigating and we may need to remove this information from the Platform in future releases, if it doesn’t fit within this policy.

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I see, thank you so much for the answer!

Returning to my initial question, perhaps it’s evident from the license statement, but I just want to confirm: Are all data files available for download from the download page (Open Targets Platform) usable for academic or commercial purposes? The phrase ‘our data’ in “…all of our data is publicly available for download and can be used for academic or commercial purposes.” was a bit confusing. :blush:

Thanks again

Any data produced by Open Targets and made available on the Platform is openly available to use under a CC0 license. We aim to only integrate datasets into the Platform that have similar licensing and are available for academic and commercial use, but we do recommend that our users check the original licensing (to the best of our knowledge, linked here) in case there are restrictions we weren’t aware of, as in the case of Phosphositeplus.

I hope that helps!

Thank you so much for clarification!