Open targets data license

Hello all,
We would like to download the data and make it available via our website on the cloud. I; looked at the license and it seems that the open targets are open to use and consume. However, I wanted to check if we need to take into account individial licenses from the source datasets as well.

Hi Mamta,
thank you for reaching out to us with this question.
As stated in our licence documentation section, all Open Targets datasets (including download files) are dedicated to the public domain as per CC0 licence definition. This allows downstream users like you to consume the data without restriction.
If you are curious about our individual data sources licences, you can find more info here (from the same licence page).
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Why doesn’t the list of data sources include all data that is used by the platform? Eg. GWAS Catalog, UKBioBank etc.

Hi @dataunited, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :partying_face:

We have two platforms, the Open Targets Platform and Open Targets Genetics.

Annalisa’s answers relates to the Open Targets Platform, but the datasets you mention are used in Open Targets Genetics.

Open Targets Genetics data is licensed with a CC0 1.0 license. However, as we mention in this post, please note that some of the input data for Open Targets Genetics (for example for L2G) are created internally by the team using licensed data.

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