Missed models in Gene burden test

Dear Team,

I notice only parts of the models are selected to show in the gene burden test section. I am wondering are we able to download the full model result from the underlying OT database even they are not so significant?

Hi @Shicheng_Guo!

This evidence comes after manually curating the results reported in 35999217. The authors only observe statistically significance when using pLOF jointly with deleterious missense variants. If you want to know more about how we curated this source, this issue might be useful Curate new ASC and fat distribution burden evidence · Issue #2701 · opentargets/issues · GitHub

This evidence is downloadable as part of the gene burden evidence dataset, however the metadata we have to explain the association is essentially what we display in the widget.

Regarding the null you see in the Cohort/Project column, this is because the publication is not part of a larger project that could be analysed as a whole, like in the case of the AZ Phewas Portal associations.

I hope this clarifies your questions!