Genebass significant results are missed in OT burden test

Dear Team,

I find some Genebass significant associations are missed in OT burden test features. For example, MIP is significantly with eye disorders in genebass, but they are fully missed in OT. I am wondering how to understand it?



Genebass for MIP:

Hi Shicheng,

Thank you for raising this. This could be partially due to a bug that was recently introduced when we updated the version of our UI. The platform UI is currently displaying only the top 25 responses for some widgets. Details of the bug can be found here.

We are trying to resolve this as soon as possible. In the meantime to view the correct number of entries, you can use the default API query for the widget.

Prashant Uniyal

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Great!! Thank you Prashant !!

Hi @Shicheng_Guo

Just wanted to inform you that this issue has been resolved in the Platform 23.12 release.

Thank you for bringing this up. Let us know if you have any other feedback.