Burden, SKAT and SKAT-O test of Genebass in ot-platform

Dear Team,

I am wondering are we also able to show SKAT and SKAT-O test of Genebass result in ot-platform, currently, looks we only included Burden test result, correct?



Dear @Shicheng_Guo,

you are correct in that we haven’t integrated SKAT and SKAT-O test results from Genebass. Our primary focus has been on reporting burden test results, which aggregate the effect of variants within a gene into a single statistical, unlike SKAT and SKAT-O models. This is a very good fit to us, as it allows us to establish and to measure gene/trait associations.

However, we do include results from SKAT or SKAT-O tests for relevant publications where no burden results are available. For example, results on Parkinson disease by the AMP-PD initiative.

I hope that clarifies your question. Please let me know if you see value in expanding our approach.


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Agree with you, burden test is the best model for interpretation. I think Genebass loss lots of burden test result (I don’t know the reason, but I do believe some result should be significant in burden test model, but they are not existed in Genebass system). Anyway, I think only keep burden test is a great choice!!

Thanks Irene!!

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