INTERVAL pQTL data is included by opentargets or not?

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I am trying to check whether INTERVAL pQTL data is included by opentargets or not? .



In 2018, a team at CEU led by Ben Sun and Adam Butterworth published a paper in Nature describing a genomewide association study in 3301 participants from the INTERVAL study in whom a SomaLogic aptamer-based plasma protein assay had been run, measuring ~3600 proteins (see Sun et al ., Nature, 2018 ). In total, we identified 1,927 associations (“pQTLs”) with 1,478 proteins, greatly enhancing our understanding of the genetic determinants of human plasma protein levels.

In addition to making the individual-level genetic and proteomic data available on request via the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGAS00001002555), we are also making publically available the full genetic association summary statistics.

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Thanks for your question. I have asked our Genetics team, and they have said that we only integrate cis-pQTLs from Sun et al.

All of the pQTL studies that we’ve ingested are used in the L2G model. Those we have ingested with genome-wide sumstats were also separately ingested as QTLs (cis-window only).

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