UKB-PPP data: UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project

Dear Team,

Are we going to integrate UKB-PPP data to the OT platform?



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We are still trying to get access to the UKB-PPP summary stats via AstraZeneca.

If anyone has access to the summary stats and it’s willing to share them with us, it will be of great value to the community.

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Hi, @ochoa ,

I found a project named UKB-PPP in the synapse. Maybe you can try to download the data from there.

Here is the introduction from the project wiki:

The UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project (UKB-PPP) is a collaboration between the UK Biobank (UKB) and thirteen biopharmaceutical companies characterising the plasma proteomic profiles of 54,219 UKB participants. As part of a collaborative analysis across the thirteen UKB-PPP partners, we conducted comprehensive protein quantitative trait loci (pQTL) mapping of 2,923 proteins that identifies 14,287 primary genetic associations, of which 85% are newly discovered, in addition to ancestry-specific pQTL mapping in non-Europeans. We identify independent secondary associations in 87% of cis and 30% of trans loci, expanding the catalogue of genetic instruments for downstream analyses.

Hope this helps.


We are still trying to access the data. Synapse currently gives us the next message:

Due to unprecedented volume of requests to download this dataset and the subsequent traffic it has brought to the platform, we have had to implement first-serve queue for data download. To be added to the queue, please provide a brief description of your intended use of the data. Include your name and institutional affiliation.

If anybody has access to the data (perhaps in a cloud provider) and it’s willing to share it with us please contact us.


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It might be not so easy to get the data, all the authors are from industries. Please try to contact the corresponding author: Dr. Christopher D. Whelan,

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