How to used BigQuery for downloading the same result table format as a regular search for a specific disease and version release?

Dear Open Targets,

I’m new to using BigQuery, and have only been using the web browser for downloading all targets and scores across all categories related to different diseases in the .tsv format, but .csv would also work well.

For my project I want to access Open Targets scores across different release versions for the same disease. Saving the data from each release in a separate table.

To enable this, would it be possible to receive example code for one such search?

E.g., what would I type into BigQuery to obtain the following data:
Alzhemier disease, MONDO_0004975, version 22.11

Data included with Open Targets scores for version 22.11 and in the following columns:
Overall association score, Genetic associations, Somatic mutations, Drugs, Pathways & Systems biology, Text mining, RNA expression, Animal models.

Many thanks!

Dear Linda,

Thanks for your request.

Unfortunately, the Open Targets data deposited in BigQuery matches the current release, no datasets from previous releases are offered via this Google Cloud Platform service.

To access data from previous releases, you can either use our public Google Cloud Storage bucket at ‘gs://open-targets-data-releases’ or our FTP location at EBI.

Thanks again for reaching out Linda!

Kind regards,

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