Query disease association for target list in BigQuery

How do I format a SQL query in BigQuery of a predefined target list (with ensembl IDs) to return disease associations?
Super grateful for any guidance.
Thanks, CGW

Hi @CGW, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :partying_face:

Please could you take a look at the following posts, and see if they answer your question?

There are also some sample queries available in our documentation, as well as in our Google Cloud dataset homepage.

These should help you get started :smiley:

Thanks for the helpful posts provided above. For BigQuery,
what is the best/most efficient way to define ‘Where’ for a target list of 100s (e.g. from a CSV file) as compared to the case below with just a couple of targets?

WHERE drugs.maximumClinicalTrialPhase = 4 AND 
    targets.approvedSymbol IN (

Thanks, CGW

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Hi @CGW!

For large lists of targets, the most efficient way to query the data is to use our data downloads.

Our amazing Irene Lopez created a parallel post to walk you through this: Get marketed drugs for a set of targets with the data downloads

Here too, there is some information available in the documentation.

For target-disease associations, we have a number of download files available, depending on the information you are looking for. Check out the files we have available here: Open Targets Platform