How has Open Targets impacted your work?

As we celebrate 10 years of Open Targets, we’d love to hear from you: have your worked on our projects? Have you applied our data? Have you used the Open Targets Platform or Open Targets Genetics?

Let us know!

  1. Comprehensive View: Provides a 360-degree view of targets, including genetic evidence, safety, pathways, and clinical trial information.
  2. Rapid Feedback and Updates: Quickly incorporates requested features into future platform updates.
  3. High-Quality Curated Database: Offers a flexible resource for custom workflow development.
  4. Strong Support and Collaborative Community: Includes active discussion forums and a supportive user community.
  5. Innovation Hub: Serves as a platform for testing new ideas, including new data and novel methods.

I would say Open Targets has become the most important database in our drug discovery and development workflow, surpassing even commercial drug discovery support platforms.