GWAS Catalog results incorporation - backlog or other issue?

I was looking for GWAS results for a particular SNP for kidney-related phenotypes, and could not find the results in OT for the study (even though the study is in the GWAS catalog). This is a study from 2022 from the Susztak lab (GWAS Catalog) - none of the data appears to be in OTG? Is there an issue with this particular study, or is there a significant delay in incorporating GWAS catalog results into OTG?

Hi Joshua,
thank you for reaching out to us!
As you know, we have not recently updated Open Targets Genetics because the team has been busy working on improving the pipelines, with the aim to release an even better resource to our users.
Earlier this year we have released Gentropy, a post GWAS analysis toolkit to provide a scalable solution for Open Targets Genetics that is expected to define the foundation of the future iterations of the product.
Please check this post for more info on the new Python package.

Regarding your specific question on this GWAS Catalog study, I have just noticed that its full summary statistics have not been yet harmonised by the Catalog, which means we would be only be able to integrate lead curated variants into Open Targets Genetics.

I hope this helps.
Stay tuned for more updates!


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Right! Thanks Annalisa - look forward to seeing the new pipeline results integrated into the web UI for OTG.


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