Genebass bugs to handle P=0

Dear Team,

I just learned that Genebass website have some bugs to handle P=0 which means lots of very significant association are not included/filtered in their website.

Hopefully, OT team could have some coordination with Genebass to fix the bug.



Hi @Shicheng_Guo,

Thank you for notifying us about the P=0 issue in Genebass.
We’re aware of this and attribute it to float overflow. To account for it, we assign these cases the smallest p-value observed in the significant Genebass results so that the evidence is not lost and is appropriately scored.

To be honest, I am more familiar with their raw data than with their website. So I’d really appreciate your input if there is any particular association that we could take as an example.


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Fantastic!! I want to acknowledge that Open Targets team is Top 1 team in human genetic insights generation!!

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@Shicheng_Guo Thanks and spread the word! :grimacing: