EMBL-EBI Experimental Factor Ontology questions


I understand that Indications/Disease use the EMBL-EBI EFO ontology and it ingests data from MONDO and HPO. I am reviewing the json file of disease/phenotype, but cannot review all the data. I would like to know the following:

  1. Do all indications on this platform contains a corresponding MONDO term?
  2. Is there information available on mapping EFO to MedDRA? I do see some terms are mapped to MedDRA but not all.
  3. Terms with Mondo ids in the dbXRefs attribute, are these diseases only? At the ones with EPO ids for phenotypes?


Found my answer to #1, no. It appears there are no consistent ids in dbXRefs.

Hi @margaret.mcgee, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

Regarding EFO to MedDRA mappings, this is something that we are working on, and you can take a look at some of this work on our GitHub: MedDRA to EFO cross-references · Issue #1088 · EBISPOT/efo · GitHub