Dowloading 'large' dataset failed

DYK, if searching by diseases (for example) and producing a data table larger than ~6000 entry, it’s not possible to download JSON/CVS or TSV data. Instead, you may look at the spinning disk “preparing data” for quite a while :wink: (FYI: A search of ~5000 target get you a CVS file of about 600ko, not so big in fact)

Hi @Nicolas! :wave:

Unfortunately, you have stumbled across a known bug that we are working to resolve — see ticket #1613 in our issue tracker. We hope to include these fixes in our next release.

In the meantime, I would recommend using our BigQuery instance - open-targets-prod - and building queries using relevant datasets (e.g. associationByOverallDirect, associationByDatasourceDirect, knownDrugsAggregated).

Is there a specific data table that you want to download? If so, respond below and I can build a BigQuery script that you can use to generate a JSON or CSV download.


Andrew :slight_smile: