Data download from Atlas expression dataset

Hi, I’ve been trying to download Atlas Expression data, fold-change, p-values and pathways involved in each target in the Atlas expression dataset. I use Python code described in OT web page for accessing to data dowloads (Download datasets - Open Targets Platform Documentation). So far it worked for i.e. targetID, fold-changes, disease, or even a score for evidence, but it does not work with p-values or pathways value columns, they appear as null values. All these features are in the same level of hierarchy in the schema as targetId or fold-changes. Has anyone faced this same problem, could you help me please? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @EAbad, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

You can see the information we have available for differential expression in the Expression Atlas Table, for example: Open Targets Platform

What additional information are you trying to get?

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Dear Hellen, thank you so much for your attention. Right, certainly, I found expression data in OT platform inside the Atlas expression dataset, but I had issues trying to find the p-value when using parquet files in Python (using the example of how to make queries with pyspark). Finally, a colleague has found that the p-value is not in the log-pvalue columns labeled in the dataset (in these ones we found all null values) but in another column labeled as ‘resourceScore’, that was quite confusing. Also, I got errors when downloading baseline expression data because with parquet files seemed to be not so straightforward and finally we’re using json format. Altogether it seems good so far. Thanks a lot for your message.