Question about the TSV file of the “Associated studies: locus-to-gene pipeline” section


We have a question about the tsv file that we can download here Open Targets Genetics , at the “Associated studies: locus-to-gene pipeline” section, by clicking on the link “Download table as TSV”.

If we check the content, we realize that all the values of the “Study N Cases” column are empty.
If we use the API (Open Targets Genetics) to get the same data, some of the values of the “Study N Cases” field are not empty.
For example, if we use the following query :

query Jak2variants { studiesAndLeadVariantsForGeneByL2G(geneId: “ENSG00000171522”) {
study {

for example, we obtain for the GCST011501 study, the value 7045 for the “Study N Cases” field.
I check the TSV file, and there is a line for the GCST011501 study, but the value of the “Study N Cases” column is empty.

Why the values of the “Study N Cases” column are always empty for the TSV file, even though some should not be empty (if we refer to the API) ?

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Could you please provide an answer to my question ?

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Could one of the administrators of the website please provide an answer to my previous message ? If you can’t, could you please tell us so, so that we don’t wait in vain.

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Hi @hoti — and thanks for joining the Open Targets Community :tada:

Thank you for flagging this issue. There is a mismatch between the information in the download files and the data in the API, and we are investigating.

Please note, this forum is not a helpdesk. Our team monitors the Community and helps as much as they can, but we do not have the capacity to answer every issue that is posted here.