Access denied to the evidences-files?

I am trying to run the platform-input-support part of the pipeline, but I am getting this error when it tries to download the raw evidence files…It seems my google account does not have access to it. Do I need special permissions or special account to be able to get the raw data? The evidence data is availabe after post-processing in Data Downloads, so not sure why the raw data is not accessible…Or is the data in the Data Download the same data and I should just use that?

2022-11-08 21:15:36,194 yapsy_loaded_plugin_Evidence_0 INFO - [STEP] BEGIN, Evidence
2022-11-08 21:15:36,593 modules.common.GoogleBucketResource ERROR - Google Cloud Storage, FORBIDDEN access, path 'otar000-evidence_input'
2022-11-08 21:15:36,593 modules.common.Downloads ERROR - COULD NOT DOWNLOAD resource 'otar000-evidence_input/CancerBiomarkers/json', due to ''NoneType' object is not subscriptable'

Thanks, Thon

Well…Another question I had provided me with a workaround, so I guess this question is no longer relevant, although still wonder why i get the error…The key I provided contains a billing account, so requester pays could not be the reason I get the permission error, but I am downloading the data now directly

Hi @thondeboer, the files you need can be obtained from the input directory of the release data. For instance

You’re getting a permission error because we have not made the buckets public. They contain internal data used to prepare releases. The final file used is made available as part of the release files.

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