21.06 Platform Release now live!

Just in time for the summer, we have released the latest version of the Open Targets Platform — 21.06. Thanks to the concurrent release of the Open Targets Genetics Portal, we have exciting new data from FinnGen, a public-private partnership to identify genotype-phenotype correlations in the Finnish population, as well as from the EBI’s GWAS Catalog. We have also ingested new target-disease associations for rare diseases from Orphanet.

This release integrates 13,267,236 evidence strings to build 11,755,362 target-disease associations between 18,507 diseases and 60,606 targets from the following 21 public resources:

Key highlights for this release:

  • This latest release integrates the latest data from the Open Targets Genetics Portal, including data from FinnGen and full summary statistics from the GWAS Catalog;
  • It also includes a new data source: Orphanet, allowing us to feature over 700 target-disease associations unique to that dataset.

For more details, read the 21.06 release blog post.