What is ebisearchEvidence/Association?

Hi open target community,
I am exploring the source data of open target, and find two interesting folders in the ftp site:
The interesting folders are ebisearchEvidence and ebisearchAssociations.
I can’t map the folder to anything described in the documentation of open targets. I am wondering if these are the associations obtained from user search behavior in the ebi search engine (similar to something like google trends).
Just curious.

Hi @mengysun! :wave:

Thanks for posting your question about the ebisearchEvidence and ebisearchAssociations datasets. These are generated by our ETL pipeline and are consumed by our colleagues at EMBL-EBI to power their search functionality (e.g. search for ESR1).

These datasets do not provide any additional insights – rather, they are a subset of our available associations and evidence datasets.


~ Andrew :slight_smile: