Text mining evidence is not displayed

Hi Open Targets team,

I been exploring some associations for a set of targets and found out that there is an issue with text mining evidence. Specifically, it is related to identifying the data from Europe PMC supporting a target-disease association. The entries aren’t being displayed in the corresponding box. So, I’m unable to see the papers. I tried this on different machines and getting the same issue.


Hi @asegura, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

Thank you for flagging this issue. Would you be able to provide an example so that we can look into this?

Thank you!


Thank you for your rapid reply. It seems is working now. Looks like it was taking some time to gather and display the parpers info.


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We rely in the EPMC API to complete the information and it has been a bit unstable recently.

Un saludo Aldo