Signor interactions data

I’m trying to obtain molecular interactions information from Open Targets sourced from Signor. I downloaded the “Interaction” dataset but for example, for targetA HBG1 (ENSG00000213934) I cannot find information on which targets are repressors versus activators. This information is on the Signor web interface, but I don’t know where this can be found in the Open Targets Interaction data download? Would someone be able to point me in the direction of this?

Hi, welcome to the OpenTargets community portal! You saw it right, we do not capture the nature of the regulatory relationship between the interacting partners. The most granular information is the biological role, which is in this case regulator target for HBG1, while all the other proteins are regulator for HBG1. However we are not capturing the type of the regulation (eg. activator, inhibitor). We’ll explore if we can enrich our datamodel with this annotation. As we are not sourcing data directly from Signor, we might not be able to recover this information.

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