Search from expression profile

I am looking for proteins or markers specifically expressed in a certain kind of epithelial cells.
As your query box for search is for protein names or disease names, can I search from baseline expression profile? How?

Hi, Welcome to the OpenTargets community portal! Although tissue specificity is a very important feature in prioritizing potentially new therapeutic targets, this feature is not yet currently implemented on the Platform. We have baseline expression data as target annotation, but there’s no specificity assessment and is not available as a way to search/filter targets.

We are currently working on this area, but cannot currently provide you a definite timeline for releasing this feature. Although, most likely tissue specificity will be considered to filter disease associated targets and not for searching for targets.

On the other hand, we provide the baseline expression data as downloadable dataset:

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. Got it.