Safety data: a specific or incorporated score or an 'information' on target MOA?

Dear all,

Looking at “Safety data”, how did these data are incorporated ? as we did not find any specific related score (looking at doc it does not seems to be in any score formula) Or maybe it is just a “target information” that you may pick up on the “profile” of the target?

Thank you !


Hi @Nicolas! :wave:

Our data team has curated target safety information from a number of publications and safety projects. You can find the full list on our target safety documentation page.

The target safety data presented in the web interface is not scored and is not part of the association scoring algorithm. It is presented to users as target annotation to help prioritise a list of potential drug targets.

It is also worth mentioning that our data team are currently working on improving our target safety data and this will be included in our next release (21.09) scheduled for the end of September.


Andrew :slight_smile: