Rs246185, rs193536, rs181766

Dear all,
Great site, I love it.
Thought I was going to add a bit of feedback for one of the loci of central interest for us.
The most likely relevant gene for the above common variants associated with sexual maturation timing is Mir193bhg/lincNors/rp11-65j21.3 rather than parn or mkl2/mrtfb or ercc4

In fact rp11-65j21.3 was shown in a previous version of Opentargets but removed in more recent versions.
Please let me know,
Mircea Ivan

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Dear Dr Ivan,

Welcome to the OpenTargets community! Thank you so much for your comment and feedback!

In addition, thank you for your contributions to the field and your discovery of the lincNORS gene! However, as it is a lincRNA, our L2G pipeline currently does not process it and hence cannot consider it as a potential target. It may have shown up previously for our V2G gene assignment, but dropped again due to changes to our gene index in the backend, I can’t seem to find a gene page for it on the current release.

We are in the process of updating our pipelines, so we will keep you updated if this changes!

Best wishes,

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