Open Targets Logo Permission for Graphical Abstract

Are we able to use the Open Targets logo in a graphical abstract for a paper? I couldn’t find the specifics on if this was allowed on the documentation site. Thank you!

Hi @jstrosahl, and welcome to the Open Targets Community! :tada:

Thanks for checking — we’re happy for you to use the Open Targets logo, but would it be possible to send us a preview of the abstract or the title of the paper?

If you let me know the requirements, I can send your the high-quality versions of the logo.

Thanks for the response @hcornu! I haven’t started on the graphical abstract yet because I wanted to ensure I had the necessary permissions first. Should I make the abstract with a low-quality version and then send it to you later on to get the correct high-quality version? Thank you!

Perfect! You can get in touch at :smiley: