L2G entries -> EFO terms?

I’m looking at the parquet files with L2G calculations.
Entry rows give study ids and genes, for example


My question is whether there’s a pre-mapped EFO term for the study id? What’s the best way, from the L2G study id, to retrieve the mapped EFO term?

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The mapping from study IDs to EFO terms is contained in the study table, which can be found in the files on the FTP site for a genetics release. For example, for the latest release:

You can find this entry:
{"study_id":"FINNGEN_R5_C3_OTHER_SKIN_EXALLC","pub_date":"2021-5-11","pub_author":"FINNGEN_R5","trait_reported":"Other malignant neoplasms of skin (=non-melanoma skin cancer) (all cancers excluded)","ancestry_initial":["European=184388"],"ancestry_replication":[],"n_initial":184388,"n_replication":0,"n_cases":10382,"num_assoc_loci":25,"has_sumstats":true,"source":"FINNGEN","trait_efos":["EFO_0009260"],"trait_category":"cell proliferation disorder"}

In general, each study can be mapped to one or more EFO terms.