Installing the Open Targets Platform locally

We want to install a local copy of your platform, without the support of the gcloud interface, but we encountered some issue, mainly to understand which part have to present and which can instead bypass downloding data sources throught the FTP site.

Is there any documentation/guide to install the platform locally?


Unfortunately, we do not currently have documentation on how to install the Platform locally.

I have had a chat with a team, and here is what they suggest:

This is not trivial, but the best place to start is probably the README of the repository we use to deploy our infrastructure. This will tell you all the pieces you need to make available, namely:

  • a web server,
  • an API,
  • a Clickhouse database,
  • an Elasticsearch database.

You will then need to go a step back and actually prepare those things which would be the platform-output-support repository.

We make the data available so it is possible to update the relevant configurations and create the databases etc. However, this relies on you running things in Google Cloud.

Please note that we don’t make all the data available through the ftp (for example, literature), so you will not be able to start from intermediate outputs.

We would be very interested to know the use case.

This is definitely something we would like to make as easy as possible and some help from the community would be really appreciated.

There are different paths for different use cases depending on whether they want to reuse the data, ingest new data, reuse web applications etc.