How to deploy a local instance of OpenTargets?

Hi OpenTargets Community,

I’d like to deploy my own local instance of OpenTargets in order to perform some specific developments and to add new data sources specific to our activities. I already read a lot of information on Github but I’m not sure how to start properly.

Could you please help ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @njeanray!

I’ve already responded in a different thread but wanted to repost my response here for others that might have the same question.

We are still working on improvements to the our ETL pipelines — specifically the step that aggregates and integrates target annotation data. For more information on our ongoing work in this area, see our GitHub issue tracker #1313 and #1641.

While we work on our ETL pipelines and complete the documentation needed to support local instances, please use our infrastructure documentation page to see which GitHub repos are used for the Platform.


Andrew :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Andrew ! I keep informed then.

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