Enrichment analysis for a list of Protein

If i have a list of protein, is there a way to check for enrichment of disease/association scores for the list? I am guessing something like GO-enrichment using Fisher’s test can be done but not sure how to incorporate the real-valued score?

One suggestion can be using a score-threshold but not sure if it is a good idea? There might already be a solution which i am not aware of… please let me know if ani?

A very common approach when looking for enrichment of a set of elements (e.g. Platform targets) using a continuous score (e.g. Open Targets association score) is to use Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA). In this way, you won’t need to define a cut-off as you would do in a Fisher test and you can use the continuous range.

Thanks @ochoa for the insight :+1: Is GSEA over a gene-set available in the platform itself or we need to map the IDs to Disease and its Score and perform downstream GSEA locally for example with GSEABase ?