AlphaFold data now available on the Open Targets Platform!

AlphaFold protein structure predictions can now be accessed in Open Targets Platform target profile pages. The structures can be viewed through Uniprot’s ProtVista viewer, which allows users to align binding domains and active sites to AlphaFold’s structure predictions.

AlphaFold is an artificial intelligence framework developed by DeepMind that predicts the three-dimensional structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence. The predicted structures of proteins from over 20 species have been made freely and openly available to the public through a partnership between DeepMind and EMBL.

We have added the predicted structures of human proteins to our existing target annotation data, allowing Platform users to explore protein structures in the context of drug discovery. For example, users can now situate variants within the protein structure. Check out @ochoa’s post for a tutorial on How to overlay likely pathogenic variants from Platform/Portal in alphafold predicted structure