What are the rules of evidence scoring for different evidence sources?

Hello Open Targets,

I am interested in how the evidence score is generated by Open Targets.

In the document, the evidence scoring of IntOGen is “scaled combined q-values from 0.25 (q=1) to 1 (q<1e-10)”. Could you provide the exact scaling formula for this? Or, is it possible to give me the relevant paper to read?

The other evidence source for somatic mutations is UniProt (somatic). Similarly, the evidence scoring of Uniprot says “Medium” and “Hight” confidence gives the 0.5 and 1 score, respectively. However, I can not find any corresponding pages on the Uniprot website. Could you point me to the specific web page when I want to obtain the Medium and High confidence information given a target-disease pair in the UniProt?