TLR7 in Open Targets Genetics

Dear Team,

I find the L2G and colocalization are missing in the page. I am wondering is there no information or some bugs for the system?



After some internal discussions, it looks like this is probably normal. That is, there are cases where the genes legitimately don’t have any GWAS or other displayable data associated with them.

However, I’ll double check with the Genetics team to see if they would like to add anything.

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@Shicheng_Guo After some more discussions we concluded that this might be caused by this known issue: >5% top loci missing in genetics portal · Issue #2073 · opentargets/issues · GitHub. I have added information about this case to that ticket. If, upon resolving that problem, TLR7 is still missing, we’ll perform additional investigations. However, for now I’m marking this particular thread as resolved

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