The AWS RODA Solution isn't working for the `Targets` table

The AWS RODA solution for fetching Open Targets Platform used to have data for targets in its own table. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case and the s3://aws-roda-hcls-datalake/opentargets_latest/targets/ doesn’t look like it exists anymore. Was this an intentional change and if so, how can I retrieve the same data now?

Hi, Welcome to the OpenTargets community. Thank you for reporting this issue! Unfortunately, syncing our data to AWS is entierly managed and overseen by the Open Data team at Amazon. As their documentation says, any issue needs to be reported on their github issues page. Apparently someone else has already opened a relevant ticket (#29) last month, unfortunately no reply since.

We are looking into reaching out some contacts with AWS to prioritize the issue. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the AWS bucket and the github issues for updates, as we might not get update about a successful resolution.